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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Depp/ Heard Divorce Involves Claims of Domestic Violence

How will Heard’s claims of domestic violence affect her divorce from Depp?

People get divorced for a variety of reasons. These include incompatibility, adultery and abandonment. But, sometimes things take a more dangerous turn and domestic violence is involved. When domestic violence becomes an issue it can have a major affect on the way the divorce turns out. A recent example of this is that of major movie star Johnny Depp and his current wife, Amber Heard.

Depp, 52, and Heard, 30, have been married for 15 months. Heard filed for divorce recently claiming that Depp had physically abused her on May 21, 2016. Although she appeared in court and in photographs with facial injuries, these allegations have not been confirmed. Upon arriving at the scene the police saw no evidence of a crime and took no action. Heard later reported the incident. But, she still claims that Depp has abused her on a number of occasions. Depp denies all of these claims.

If an investigation ensues and it is confirmed that that Depp did abuse her it will have an affect on the divorce settlement. How it will impact the settlement is up for debate. Some believe that the claims of domestic violence will give heard the leverage she needs to obtain spousal support and that she may receive a higher amount due to the claims. Heard is only entitled to a portion of the assets the couple acquired during the short marriage pursuant to California community property laws. Experts also say that the financial part of the divorce will likely be decided out of court as it commonly is in these cases. Some are of the opinion that the accusations will have little or no affect on Depp’s career and even a negative affect on Heard’s.

Regardless of what occurs in this case, claims of domestic violence should always be taken seriously and are grounds for divorce in New York. If you are considering divorce due to domestic violence you should speak to a Garden City, New York matrimonial attorney today.

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