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At Gassman Baiamonte Betts, PC, the lawyers concentrate exclusively on family and matrimonial law. We fully appreciate the sensitive nature of family proceedings, and the firm has helped thousands of individuals throughout Long Island and the greater New York City area in matters of divorce property distribution, maintenance (alimony) and child support, custody and visitation and pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and separation agreements. The firm's lawyers are leaders in their field. They are experienced, hard working, and approachable in their efforts to offer high quality family law representation.

The attorneys of Gassman Baiamonte Betts, PC, have extensive experience negotiating equitable and just settlements whenever possible, and they are also exceptionally qualified to litigate highly complex financial, property and support-related issues as well as issues of custody and visitation. Gassman Baiamonte Betts, PC, also has considerable experience in the field of appellate advocacy with respect to matrimonial issues. The firm has handled a multitude of appeals in all New York State appellate courts, including the Court of Appeals, the Appellate Divisions and the Appellate Terms. Their appellate representation has placed the firm in the forefront of innovative changes in interpretations and applications of New York State's Domestic Relations Law.

Mr. Gassman has been practicing law since 1972. Mr. Gassman is a nationally renowned attorney who has handled prominent and precedent-setting cases involving, among other matters, equitable distribution, license and practice valuation, custody, spousal and child support and counsel fees. Mr. Gassman is a former President of the Bar Association of Nassau County (1988-1989), a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and one of only 100 matrimonial lawyers across the country invited to be a Diplomate of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers.

Today, Gassman Baiamonte Betts, PC, is known throughout the country for its pioneering role in the field of family and matrimonial law. The firm's attorneys have handled precedent setting cases involving classification and distribution of marital property, valuation issues, custody matters, counsel fees and agreements.